Xmark® from Paisley Products of Canada offers a wide range of products designed to protect your surfaces from marking, dirt and grime, staining, damage and adhesive residue.

Our products utilize updated technologies that are lighter and easier to work with compared to more traditional construction technologies. The result is a system that benefits both the contractor and homeowner.




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Black Diamond

Anti-Skid Foam

Xmark Black Diamond Anti-skid Foam is a reusable moisture-resistant foam providing one of our highest levels of surface protection. The foam has a specially formulated coating on its base that resists shifting and moving, minimizing the need to secure it with tape. The top side is textured in a diamond pattern to provide added traction for foot traffic and channel away water from the surface when wet. This foam is ideal for surface protection where increased cushioning is needed to help protect those areas of the construction site that are more vulnerable to damage.

  • Moisture resistant
  • Provides traction for foot traffic
  • Anti-skid base secures foam without adhesives
  • Easily trimmed to fit any size area

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Laminated Paperboard

Xmark Laminated Paperboard is a cost-effective way to protect hardwood, tile and cement floors from scratches, waste and impact damage during home building, renovation or moving. It features a thick layer of paper that absorbs water and solvents, and a plastic laminate backing that prevents liquids from penetrating through to the floor.

  • Protects finished floors from liquid and impact damage
  • Extra thick and absorbent layer of paper
  • Plastic undercoating stops water and solvents from penetrating through to finished floor
  • 100% recyclable
  • Far superior to kraft and red rosin paper

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Breathable Floorliner

This innovative slip-resistant surface protection is designed to be used as a temporary floor cover for various types of site finished stairs, hardwood, carpet and ceramic tile without the need to tape it down. Xmark Breathe-All Protection features a slightly tacky nonwoven padding to prevent impact damage, and a breathable plastic top layer that is water-resistant. It can be used several times before needing to be replaced.

  • Suitable for most surfaces
  • Blue plastic topcoat protects against water and solvents penetrating through to finished floor
  • Residual moisture from floor can escape through breathable membrane
  • Does not need to be taped down
  • Can be repositioned and re-used multiple times

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Rubberized Paper

Xmark Rubberized Paper is a specially formulated paper made specifically for floor covering. The floor protection has a rubber coating that is added for strength, durability, and slip resistance. Also microholes are dispersed throughout the paper that are too small for water to get through, but just right for air to circulate and allow optimum breathability.

  • Rubberized coating for strength, durability and slip resistance
  • Microholes for increased breathability while preventing water penetration
  • 100% recyclable
  • Far superior to kraft and red rosin paper

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Carpet Floor Runner

Xmark Carpet Floor Runner is a clear, non-slip, reusable vinyl protection, requiring little or no maintenance. Virtually puncture-proof, the Xmark Carpet Floor Runner protects carpet floors from dirt and stains but does not hide the carpet from sight. Plastic pegs allow the runner to stay in place without adhesives or tapes and it can easily be seamed to protect larger areas. This floor runner is ideal for use in model homes and house tours.

  • Clear, non-slip vinyl protection
  • Simply roll up and reuse
  • Stays in place without adhesives
  • Requires little or no maintenance

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Hard Surface Protection

Xmark Hard Surface Protection is formulated to protect factory finished hardwood floors, vinyl tile, linoleum, ceramic tile, counter tops, bathtubs and other hard surfaces. It also protects grout from staining or damage and protects your surfaces from scratches and scuffs. The adhesive film is strong enough to resist tears and punctures. With a low-tack adhesive back, Xmark Hard Surface Protection stays in place but peels off easily when the job is done without leaving any messy residue behind.

  • Tough and cost effective
  • Perfect for high- and low-traffic areas
  • Less labour and rework than using kraft paper and duct tape
  • Protects most hard, non-porous surfaces and flooring
  • Self-adhesive and easily lifts up without residue
  • Ideal for protecting tub and shower walls against nicks, scratches and stains
  • Blue Film

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Carpet Protection

Designed to safeguard carpets from damage, Xmark Carpet Protection helps eliminate downtime resulting from messy spills and stains. The self-adhesive sheets provide an instant protective barrier between the mess of the job site and the carpet below. The adhesive film then easily peels up when the job is completed. This gives you more flexibility to install floors when it is convenient, while providing necessary protection to allow contractors to continue their work.

  • Use instead of drop sheets and simply dispose of when finished
  • Perfect for high- and low-traffic areas
  • Reverse-wound with adhesive on outside for easy roll down
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • No need to have carpets cleaned when the job is done

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Reusable Floor Protection

This floor protector safeguards vinyl, hardwood and tile floors from cuts, scrapes and gouges. Simply lie in place and shield floors from damage during installation and construction. When you’re finished, roll it up and take it with you.

Designed from tough, durable, 35 mil plastic with a thin foam cushion underneath, Xmark offers maximum protection from cuts, scrapes, gouges and chipping in those areas that are easily damaged, such as tubs, wood trim, floors, counters, doors and jambs. These unique products are simple to use, easy to transport, very versatile, and allow you to complete your work worry free.

  • Stays in place without using adhesives
  • Provides a barrier between the workspace and delicate flooring
  • Easily transportable

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Adhesive Foot Tracks

This innovative Xmark Foot Tracks floor mat has a strong adhesive coating specially designed to collect dirt and grime from shoes and boots. When the top layer becomes soiled, simply peel it off and throw it away.

  • Made from tough polyethylene plastic
  • Adhesive coating picks up dirt and grime from shoes and boots
  • Mat comes with 30 disposable sheets

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Foam Tape

(Reverse Wound)

Xmark Foam Tape is a reusable, moisture resistant, self-adhesive foam that provides high surface protection. The cutting-edge technology provides cushioning for increased protection against damage that can occur throughout the construction site. The sticky foam allows contractors to roll it into place in a one-step process that eliminates the need to tape seams as is required with older surface protection technologies.

  • Moisture resistant, conformable and self-adhesive
  • Crush-resistant foam withstands weight
  • Can be reapplied multiple times
  • Easily trimmed to fit any size area
  • Removes without residue
  • Approximately 1/16″ thick

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Breathable Carpet Protection

This water-resistant synthetic protection attaches to most commercial loop and loop/cut pile carpeting. Xmark Breathable Carpet Protection locks in place using Velcro technology. This surface protection enables trades to work on carpeted surfaces at any stage of construction without damaging or soiling them.

  • Protects against spills, dirt, and marks from scaffolding and foot traffic
  • Heavy-duty overlapping seams self engage for wider protection
  • Easily lifts up with no residue
  • Does not trap moisture
  • Can be repositioned as needed

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Construction Board

Xmark Construction Board is a heavy-duty alternative to Masonite sheets for protection. This high density, noncorrugated board comes in a roll and is extra thick and water resistant. Contractors and installers can use Xmark Construction Board to temporarily protect hardwood flooring, colored concrete, tile, stone, linoleum and other surfaces.

Xmark Construction Board is the perfect solution when you need both impact protection and breathability.

  • Rolls out and lays flat
  • Protects finished floors from impact damage
  • 100% recyclable
  • Will not crush if driven on
  • Contributes toward LEED credits
  • Approximately 50 mil thick

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Our monolithic housewrap replaces both micro-perforated and micro-porous housewrap technologies. Its unperforated, non-woven polypropylene film has no holes, pores or micro-pores and has a breathable coating on one side that blocks the transmission of moisture from outside to inside the house.

Compared with asphalt saturated kraft or felt, Xmark Housewrap has a higher resistance to tearing and breaking. It is dispensed in large sheets with fewer lap joints and is durable after long-term water, heat, UV and wind exposure. Compared with many micro-perforated and microporous housewrap technologies, Xmark Housewrap exhibits desirable MVTR results, shows good hydrostatic resistance, holds up as an excellent air barrier, is insensitive to surfactants, and serves as an intrinsic viral/bacterial/odour barrier. This product is approved for sale in both the U.S. and Canada (including Ontario) and complies with ICC-ES, CCMC and BMEC standards.

  • Range of MVTR available
  • Balanced moisture vapour transmission
  • Provides excellent resistance to liquid, air and vapour passage
  • Insensitive to surfactants
  • Intrinsic viral/bacterial/odour barrier

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Roof Underlayment

Xmark Roof Underlayment is a premium nail-down roofing underlayment that provides a protective layer between exterior cladding (e.g. shingles or tiles) and the wood structure of a roof. It is made of a woven PP scrim that has a slip-resistant coating on both sides to reduce product slippage and improve workplace safety. Provides better resistance to tearing, moisture, insect damage, rotting, and algae compared with #15 or #30 asphalt saturated felt. An excellent water and moisture barrier, ideal for resisting inclement weather, even under high winds. Offers superior UV resistance and resistance to drying and cracking over time. Lighter and stronger than conventional materials, and covers a larger area.

  • Provides a protective layer between shingles or tiles and the wood structure of a roof
  • Lighter, stronger and easier to install than felt
  • Slip-resistant coating on both sides
  • Better resistance to tearing, moisture, insect damage, rotting, and algae
  • Acts as a water and moisture barrier; no buckling and wrinkling like conventional felt
  • Superior UV resistance and resistance to drying and cracking over time
  • Provides protection if exterior cladding becomes damaged (blown off) or leaks
  • No need to cover immediately after installation
  • Meets UL Canadian fire rating specification

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Flexible Flashing Tape

Xmark Flexible Flashing Tape is a peel-and-stick water and airtight flashing tape with outstanding conformability around window frame and sill corners. Compared to others, our advanced flexible peeland-stick flashing tape does not require a primer and its unique 3-D stretching ability lets you apply tape snugly without creases or folds, even on difficult areas such as pipes. The butyl adhesive on Xmark Flexible Flashing Tape contains no VOCs or solvents that can cause “Sick House Syndrome”, which can be prevalent in many asphalt based products.

  • Stretchable rubber tape fits and stays at corners and around pipes
  • Excellent adhesion to plywood, engineered wood
  • Excellent conformability around frame corners
  • Provides longer adhesion than asphalt system
  • Does not require a primer

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Blueprint Protection

Xmark Blueprint Protection is a clear adhesive film that sticks to the front and back of blueprints to protect documents and extend their life. This self-adhesive film adds stiffness to documents for easier handling, while protecting against dirt, spills, tearing and smudging on wet, messy jobsites. Available in clear and frosted formats.

  • Covers front and back of blueprints
  • Increases durability
  • Protects from tearing and smudging

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Regular Shoe Covers

Our disposable Xmark Shoe Covers are designed for industries such as medical, food processing and plumbing where contamination is a concern. They are durable, textured, and are easy to slip on and off.

Whether you’re protecting floors from shoe dirt and scuffs, looking to maintain a hygienic work environment, or protecting shoes from the elements, our disposable one-size-fits-all slip-on shoe covers are an easy solution.

  • Bigger and Better Design Made Specifically for Service Industry Professionals
  • Prevents Tracking Dirt and Dry Debris in Client’s Homes
  • Fits Up to a Size 160 Work Boot
  • Citrus Scented
  • 150 Pairs in a Case

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Water Proof Shoe Covers

Xmark Waterproof Shoe Covers are the ideal shoe cover for indoor or outdoor use. Durable, and made from a textured plastic, these covers protect shoes and boots in messy situations or adverse weather conditions. The plastic is tough enough to withstand multiple uses before tossing them away.

Whether you’re protecting floors from shoe dirt and scuffs, looking to maintain a hygienic work environment, or protecting shoes from the elements, our disposable one-size-fits-all slip-on shoe covers are an easy solution.

  • Bigger and Better Design Made Specifically for Service Industry Professionals
  • Prevents Tracking Dirt and Dry Debris in Client’s Homes
  • Fits Up to a Size 160 Work Boot
  • Slip Resistant Textured Plastic
  • Citrus Scented
  • 150 Pairs in a Case

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